International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology 2010
J. Korean Phys. Soc. 59, 1104-1106
Paper ID: ND-1576
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.59.1104
PACS: 21.10.Dr, 23.90.+w, 25.40.-h
Nuclide Guide and International Chart of the Nuclides - 2009
Tengiz Golashvili1, Zhao Zhixiang2, Valery Chechev3, Sergey Badikov1, Huang Xiaolong2, Ge Zhigang2 and Wu Zhendong2
1 Joint Stock Company “Energy & Industry Analytica”, Moscow, 127287, Russia
2 China Institute of Atomic Energy, 102413, Beijing, China
3 V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, 194021 St. Petersburg, Russia
New versions of Nuclide Guide (NG) and Chart of the Nuclides (CN) were developed as a result of Russian-Chinese collaboration. Compared to the previous versions of the NG and CN - 2006 new evaluated information has been included to the NG and CN -2009 from the following publications: 1) Nuclear Data Sheets, volumes 107 – 110, 2) Monographie BIPM-5, Table of Radionuclides, 2006, 3) Monographie BIPM-5, Table of Radionuclides, 2008. In addition, for the Nuclide Guide-2009 the authors re-calculated the average energies of radiations of the 500 radionuclides with half-lives about and more than 1 hour. The International Chart of Nuclides was developed taking into account information added and revised in Nuclide Guide-2009. The presented decay data can be used not only in nuclear physics and associated fields but also in medicine, agriculture and space studies.
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