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of the ND2010, Jeju Island, Korea, April 26-30, 2010

[ISSN 0374-4884]

+ Highlights
+ Nuclear theories, models and data evaluation
+ Evaluated nuclear data libraries and processing
+ Validation, benchmarking of evaluated data
+ Uncertainty quantification and Covariance matrix
+ Data dissemination and international collaboration
+ Fission energy applications
+ Fusion technology applications
+ Standards
+ Safeguards and security
- Space, cosmic-ray applications, radiation effects on electronics
Role of Nuclear Physics in Missions to Moon, Mars and beyond (I)    ND-1798
R.K. Tripathi
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.59.1434
Abstract | PDF (524.7 KB)
Characterization of ANITA and QMN Neutron Beams at TSL Using Proton Recoil Techniques     ND-1188
Y. Naitou et al.
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.59.1439
Abstract | PDF (427.9 KB)
Applicability of Nuclear Reaction Models Implemented in PHITS to Simulations on Single-event Effects     ND-1198
S. Abe, S. Hirayama, Y. Watanabe, N. Sano, Y. Tosaka, M. Tsutsui, H. Furuta and T. Imamura
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.59.1443
Abstract | PDF (1405.4 KB)
Light-ion Production from a Thin Silicon Target Bombarded by 175 MeV Quasi Mono-energetic Neutrons     ND-1262
S. Hirayama et al.
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.59.1447
Abstract | PDF (701.7 KB)
Investigation of Transient Radiation Effects in CMOS ICS Using the TCAD Simulation and Experiment     ND-1674
S.C. Oh, N.H. Lee and H.H. Lee
DOI: 10.3938/jkps.59.1451
Abstract | PDF (403.9 KB)
+ Nuclear structure and decay data
+ Experimental facilities and detection techniques
+ Nuclear data measurements and analysis
+ Integral experiments
+ Medical and environmental applications
+ Accelerator-related applications
+ Dosimetry and shielding applications
+ Astrophysics and cosmology applications